CanSSOC is more than just a suite of cyber security solutions.

Built by the community, for the community, CanSSOC is an ideology and an approach. By bringing together a federation of people, technology and processes, CanSSOC is raising the bar for detection and response across Canada’s higher education sector.

CanSSOC’s community-driven approach aims to:

  • Derive additional value for institutions by bringing together existing services, solutions and intelligence.
  • Design and deliver services that are not viable on an institution by institution basis and reduce the work required to produce or consume services.
  • Serve as a federating agency for institutions and service providers to enable national collaborations and services.
  • Experiment with new services and service models driven by institutional needs and requests.
  • Deepen understanding of the higher education environment allowing more adaptability to meet its specific and unique needs.
  • Improve services and reduce costs for institutions and the sector overall.
CAUBO/CUCCIO Workshop Nov. 27, 2019
A graphics showing CanSSOC as part of a puzzle with other partners.

Better than we can do on our own, always in partnership.

CanSSOC is one of many essential pieces of a puzzle that forms an effective strategy to secure and protect Canada’s higher education data and infrastructure.

Together, CanSSOc and its partners are leveraging the skills, resources and tools of multiple organizations to enable streamlined, integrated, effective and efficient responses to cyber security issues happening across the country.

Alongside this work, we are also developing a community culture of stewardship and collaboration. By connecting institutions to each other, enabling them to ask questions and learn from each other, we’re supporting more sector-wide knowledge transfer, capability development, community-building and awareness of cyber security defence.