How to access CanSSOC Services

  • Contact the National Research and Education Network (NREN) partner in your province or territory to confirm if your institution is enrolled in CANARIE’s Cybersecurity Initiatives Program (CIP). Your institution must be enrolled in the CIP prior to accessing CanSSOC’s Threat Feed.
  • Ask your NREN partner to send you a link to the CanSSOC Threat Feed selection form. Complete and submit your Threat Feed selection.
  • CANARIE will send you a CanSSOC confidentiality agreement. Complete and submit the agreement.
  • Once the CanSSOC confidentiality agreement is in place, a technical onboarding session will be scheduled with your team. This meeting is used to review the CanSSOC Threat Feed service components, integration process and support network. It generally takes about two hours.

Questions? Get in touch.

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Technical support

CanSSOC uses Slack as its main communications channel for Threat Feed onboarding and support. Information security team members from your institution will be added to pertinent Slack channels and mailing lists. This includes all Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity email products (flashes, advisories and alerts).

You can also use Slack to contribute to discussions about the Threat Feed platform, key indicators and remediation techniques, and other threat intelligence topics with CanSSOC community members.

Support during your onboarding process is offered during normal weekday business hours. Support on weekends and off-hours will be provided based on a best effort basis.