Canadian Shared Security Operations Centre Milestones

June 2019 CANHEIT: Panel & Project UpdateReview Proof of Concept (POC) and supporting documents for approval.
July 2019 Webinar: CanSSOC Q & A• The first CanSSOC webinar was held with more than 140 participants across Canada
• POC use case identified and the required data necessary to implement
• Data collector architecture drafted
• Two indicator of compromise feeds integrated into threat intelligence architecture
September 2019• Data sent from first participating institutions to analysis engine
• First use case analysis complete
• Additional threat intelligence feeds integrated into threat intelligence architecture
October 2019Webinar: CanSSOC Infrastructure & Architecture• All participating institutions sending data to analysis engine
• Threat intelligence architecture tested with SIEM and Firewall systems
• Global discussion on threat intelligence sharing started
December 2019Webinar: Exploring Services & Value PropositionsDetails on Threat Intelligence services and opportunities CanSSOC can provide institutions moving forward.
2020 CanSSOC Launched

Accomplishments to Date

  • Project team recruited
  • Memorandum of understanding between participating institutions executed
  • Requirements gathered from participating institutions
  • Data Transfer Agreement executed
  • Analysis engine architecture drafted
  • Threat Intelligence architecture drafted
  • Analysis engine and threat intelligence system partially deployed
  • The CanSSOC website was launched