Canadian Shared Security Operations Centre Milestones

June 2019 CANHEIT: Panel & Project UpdateReview Proof of Concept (POC) and supporting documents for approval.
July 2019 - December 2019Webinar SeriesWebinar series held to refine service list and explore community needs.

Webinars include:
• CanSSOC Q & A
• CanSSOC Infrastructure & Architecture
• Exploring Services & Value Propositions
December 2019Continuous Vulnerability MonitoringContinuous Vulnerability Monitoring launched in partnership with CUCCIO's Benchmarking Initiative.
January 2020Intelligence Alerts• Participating institutions receiving and acting on alerts and intelligence received from CanSSOC.
• Ongoing input and refinement of the alerts and the process is being provided by the participating institutions.
March 2020Institutional ParticipationMore than 80 institutions signed up to Continuous Vulnerability Monitoring are onboarded and will start to receive data and intelligence from those reports.
April 2020Service List UpdateService list and opportunities to participate in the CanSSOC pilot will be released to the stakeholder community.