Knowledge is power, particularly when it comes to preventing and managing cyber security risks.

Due to the sophistication of today’s information threats, a risk at one higher education institution can easily create a ripple effect for the entire research and education community. There is strength in numbers and that is why a collective defence is necessary to reach across the institutional, provincial and national levels.

The goal of the Canadian Shared Security Operations Centre (CanSSOC) project is to investigate the creation of a specialized cyber security incident and threat detection centre focused on the higher education sector. The members, partners and other stakeholders involved in CanSSOC are energized and eager to learn how the power of the collective can be harnessed to provide a stronger and more efficient defence against cyber security threats. There is strength in numbers!

There are similar efforts going on with our colleagues in the United States through OmniSOC.

Using a cost-efficient and effective approach, CanSSOC will augment the work of each individual institution. Its aim will be to deliver broader access to security event data, the development of advanced technologies to analyze that data and a greater ability to prevent as well as triage cyber security incidents.

Leveraging the skills, resources and tools at each individual institution will enable effective and efficient response to cyber security issues happening across the country. The centre will also act as a provider of education, advice and guidance to the participating universities.

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