There are 1.7 million students and more than $13 billion in research and development invested in protecting higher education institutions from cyber threats, according to Universities Canada (2017 figures). As a result, the associated scope and costs of successful early prevention, detection and mitigation are unsustainable by one single institution on its own.

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CanSSOC's Threat Feed and other essential services

Built around CanSSOC’s Threat Feed platform, our essential services include fundamental cyber security capabilities, providing a foundation of common detection and response protections for higher education institutions.

CanSSOC’s essential services support timely prioritization of information — reducing the need for local analysts to sift through hundreds of daily observations to find a small number of actionable items.

Advanced Detection and Response

The act of collecting and sending data for analysis can often be a hurdle, regardless of the size and complexity of the institution. Currently in development, CanSSOC’s Advanced Detection and Response services are being designed to address these challenges.

These services will deliver mechanisms to analyze and detect incidents based on data and logs and through a federated network of analysts. The Advanced Detection and Response services will also leverage existing institutional solutions and other sector partner programs.

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